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As an entrepreneur, you are a fundamental member of the ecosystem. Your role involves starting and growing businesses, creating jobs, and driving innovation.


Angel investors, venture capitalists, and other funding sources are critical members. If you’re an investor supporting startups or entrepreneurs, you are part of the ecosystem.

Mentors and Advisors

Experienced individuals who provide guidance and mentorship to entrepreneurs play a crucial role. If you’re offering mentorship, you contribute to the ecosystem.

Incubators and Accelerators

Organizations that provide resources, mentorship, and workspace to startups are part of the ecosystem. If you’re running or participating in such programs, you can get benefit from ECG after becoming a member.

Government and Policy Makers

Supportive policies and government initiatives can significantly impact the entrepreneurship ecosystem. If you’re involved in shaping or advocating for such policies, you can be part of the ecosystem.

Educational Institutions

Universities and other educational institutions contribute by providing entrepreneurship education and research. If you’re involved in academia focused on entrepreneurship, you can be benefitted from ECG.

Service Providers

Legal, accounting, marketing, and other service providers that cater specifically to startups and entrepreneurs are integral part of our global members ecosystem. If you offer services to support these businesses, you can be benefitted from our Ecosystem.

Networking Organizations

Groups, clubs, or forums that facilitate networking among entrepreneurs and professionals contribute to the ecosystem. If you actively participate in such networks, you can be benefitted after becoming a member.