Become a Member

Membership Benefits

Networking Opportunities

Access to a community of like-minded individuals, fostering networking and collaboration with other entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals.

Knowledge Resources

Exclusive access to workshops, seminars, webinars, and other educational events that can help members enhance their skills and knowledge.


Opportunities to connect with experienced mentors who can provide guidance, advice, and support in various aspects of business development.

Exclusive Events

Invitations to special events, conferences, and gatherings that offer unique insights, industry trends, and opportunities to meet influential figures.

Business Exposure

Platforms for members to showcase their businesses, products, or services, potentially leading to increased visibility and partnerships.

Discounts and Deals

Special offers, discounts, or deals from partner companies and service providers, ranging from legal and financial services to software and technology.

Member Directories

Access to a directory of fellow members, facilitating easier collaboration, business partnerships, and resource sharing.

Industry Insights

Regular updates on industry trends, market research, and relevant news can help members stay informed and make informed business decisions.

Legal and Regulatory Assistance

Guidance on legal and regulatory matters affecting entrepreneurs, including compliance and business ethics.

Membership Criteria

Entrepreneurial Status

To become a member in ECG, individuals should be the owner or partners of any business. ECG is the club of Founders, so one must be in the board of any business to get membership. One who have founded and are actively running their own businesses can apply for membership. This includes startup founders, small business owners, or those with a track record of entrepreneurship.

Industry or Sector Focus

To get membership as an Ecosystem member, you must choose one sector or engagement which you are associated with. This membership is for specific to certain industries or sectors, targeting entrepreneurs with businesses in those areas.

Business Size

Any entrepreneurs with any business size can get membership in ECG. One just need to get recommendation or invitation from 2 members of the club to get membership. ECG have different membership tier where small startup to Multi billion Dollar Empire holder can fit.

Revenue or Funding Level

ECG Encourages business with at least experience of one year to get membership in ECG. But, if you are a newcomer in market, ECG can consider to provide membership with some commitments from your side. ECG don’t have any minimum revenue or funding thresholds to get membership. But, Entrepreneurs with certain stage of growth or have achieved a certain level of success in their ventures have better chance of getting membership.

Innovation and Impact

Entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas or those whose ventures have a positive impact on society, the environment, or a specific community have better chance of getting membership in fast track manner.

Geographic Location

Any Entrepreneurs from any geographic location can get membership in ECG.

References or Recommendations: Applicants are required to provide references/recommendations /invitation from existing members or other individuals who can vouch for their entrepreneurial achievements and character. ECG Board holds the sole authority to decide about membership.

Application Process


Applicants are required to provide references or recommendations from existing members or individuals who can vouch for their entrepreneurial achievements and character.

ECG Board Authority

The ECG Board holds the sole authority to decide about membership, indicating a structured and careful evaluation process.